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Startup24 is a 24-hour event that gives you the opportunity to experience what it is like to be an entrepreneur and to test your entrepreneurial talent. Dive in and discover the startup in you!

Solving problems in a creative and flexible way, learning to adapt and find opportunities. Pitching and creating new business models. These are becoming essential skills in our rapidly changing economy. Taking classes in entrepreneurship or diving in and starting your own business can help you develop these skills.

What is Startup24?
On Friday 10th and Saturday the 11th of November the Startup24 event is held in 12 Dutch cities. During 24 hours, you will form a team with other students, and learn to transform your ideas into a validated concept and present it in a true start-up pitch. To get you through these 24 hours, there are plenty of games, interactive workshops, and experienced coaches.

Who is it for?
Startup24 is for first and second-year bachelor-students that want to experience what it is like to be an entrepreneur. We hope that after participating in Startup24 you will enroll in entrepreneurship classes or even consider taking a minor in entrepreneurship. Enroll with a team or team up with other students on our platform.

What will it cost?
We have some great sponsors to cover almost all the costs. Thanks to them and all the volunteers, we can offer you tons of inspiration, an awesome program, and tasty food for only 15 euro’s.

More info, check out the website: Startup24

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